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We believe in cinema and the powerful impact it can have on the world. Films, television, and animation can change hearts and change lives, which is why we believe that we should do everything within our power to create an industry that supports its members, protects them, and encourages diversity in every aspect.

Discrimination, sexual harassment, power harassment, and the disregard for industry member's well-being is absolutely unacceptable, and we will do everything within our power to fight against these injustices. 

To that end, we present our official statement of support for industry members and our pledge to stand against the inequalities and hardships that members of our industry face. 

Together, we can make a difference and change our industry.

“You are what you do, and nothing more or less; the sum total of your choices, your actions, is the sum total of yourself. In choosing, you not only create self, you transcend it." ("Ozu" Donald Richie on the works and characters of Yasujiro Ozu)



The Japanese film industry is at a crossroads. Over the past few decades, the Japanese film industry has been struggling with poor working conditions for industry members and is crushing the spirit of Japanese filmmakers. Sexual harassment, power harassment, brutal work hours, and poor compensation have left people in despair, and caused many aspiring filmmakers to leave the industry altogether.


In response to the recent revelations of serious harassment and sexual misconduct in the Japanese film industry, the PACIFIC MOTION PICTURES, LTD leadership and team wants to take this opportunity to decry the horrendous issues that are poisoning the Japanese industry, and declare our philosophy and policies to ensure that the Japanese film industry will become better, healthier, safer, more diverse, and more globally competitive.

The Japanese film industry is currently characterized by long working hours, low wages, lack of diversity, sexual harassment, and power harassment, which have become the socially accepted norm. Furthermore, if you try to voice your dissatisfaction with the situation or speak out about being harassed, you are branded a nuisance, harassed, and even threatened.

We started PACIFIC MOTION PICTURES because  we want to bring change to the Japanese industry; we are determined to confront these problems in our own way and bring about an industry revolution. I believe that the industry can change for the better if we work together, never give up, and never fear change, even if the problems are beyond our control alone.

PACIFIC MOTION PICTURES pledges to be a part of that change.

We will not tolerate harassment of any kind, and we will support those who have been victims of harassment.

We will strive to create a healthy filming environment where film crews can seek improvement without fear of retaliation.

We will change unreasonable practices and promise fair compensation commensurate with the work performed.

We will put the safety and health of our film crew and performers first. We will not tolerate long working hours or unpaid remuneration.

We promise to provide sufficient food and rest for film crew and performers so that the filming environment does not adversely affect their daily lives.

We do not tolerate discrimination of any kind, and we aim to employ a diverse workforce.

We will strive for diverse casting. We employ actors without regard to age, color, race, ethnicity, religion, national origin, gender, gender identity, sexual orientation, or mental or physical disability.

We are committed to producing productions that reflect the diversity of contemporary Japan and present a diverse and wonderful image of Japan to the world.

We are still a new production company, but we believe that by setting forth our philosophy in this way now, we have a responsibility to make the industry a better place. If we want change, now is the time to speak up and let people know our commitment.

We call on all Japanese film companies, TV stations, production companies, producers, directors, actors, and crews to express their commitment to criticizing any form of harassment, being there for the victims, committing to a healthy filming environment, and hiring a diverse crew and cast.

This change is essential if we are going to have a healthy filming environment in the future. And in order to resist the vested interests that seek to stop this change, we need the industry to come together and speak out without fear.

We are committed to leading the way in this industry and will set an example with all our productions. Let us walk together on a better path for the future of the film industry that we are passionate about.


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